Release Notes

version 0.82, 02-MAY-30

  • changed the behaviour of TrackerInfo to be more reliable
  • updated trackerQTVR to work with the release versions of QuickTime4Java
  • fixed most of the deprecated method warnings
  • improved and tested Linux support
  • documentation updates
  • many other minor changes, code clean-ups

version 0.81, 99-APR-10

  • all demo applications are now included with the driver package in*
  • added scripts for windows an unix for running the demos
  • added some readme files etc.
  • now there are also 20fps under Java2 (better multithreading)
  • removed the package, the classes are now in vio.tracker.*
  • added vio.util.* package with several useful classes
  • added modin.util.* package with other useful classes
  • removed the vio.display package, fullScreenWindow is now in modin.util.*
  • many other minor changes

version 0.72, 99-MAR-24

  • added equals() method in TrackerData to compare two objects
  • added constructor in TrackerData to create empty TrackerData
  • added TrackerInfo in TrackerManager
    (Serialnumber, Firmwareversion etc. ) --> see trackerTest for usage
  • further minor changes

version 0.71, 99-MAR-23

  • multitreaded (framerate at least 20 fps)
  • changed to continous data mode (before it was polled)
  • added vio.display package (fullScreenWindow.class)
  • Plug and Play support (see trackerTest for Details)
    TrackerManagerException is thrown if tracker is disconnected
  • removed all the rmi classes
  • many other changes to improve stability

version 0.62, 98-SEP-07

  • the driver now supports the beta1 of Sun's Communication API
  • some minor changes

version 0.61, 98-Jul-01

  • initial release