i-glasses help by Maarten van Grinsven
Over the years a lot of people asked me how to use the old pc version of the virtual i-glasses with windows 95/98 with headtracking and stereoscopic 3D support for all DirectX and OpenGL based games.

This info will make you able to play Quake3, MDK2, Forsaken and more  in stereoscopic 3d with headtracking!
This info is public domain but if you distribute it please add my name with it.

How to get the old i-glasses head tracker to work under windows 95/98?
(Haven't tried ME jet)

How to get stereoscopic 3D in games with the i-glasses?

There are 2 options native games or non native games:

The drivers:

for more info about stereoscopic 3d visit www.stereo3d.com and www.stereovision.net

Good luck,
Maarten van Grinsven, maarten.van.grinsven@pandora.be